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i am a twenty-something year old mechanical engineering student from northwest indiana, just outside of chicago, and deep in the heart of the rust belt.

thirty five miles southwest of chicago, there's a land of many things: steel mills, refineries, an amazing lakeshore, dunes, railways, expressways, marshland, beaches, casinos, rotting industry, crime-ridden ghettos, upper-class suburbs, trailer parks, empty cornfields...

this is where i live,
this is where i grew up,
and this is where i call home.

all of the photos on this site were taken by me, on my trusty (and often irritatingly limiting) Sony DSC-P31. i suppose that one may consider my hobby of taking pictures of abandoned places to be "urban exploration", but i try to not limit or associate myself with such a description. many of the places that i explore are more rural than urban, and many of the photos that i take have little or nothing to do with exploring.

that's enough about me. this site isn't about me, it's about the places that others have forgotten, and the pictures of those places that i liked enough to share with the world. enjoy.